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Clean Your Car Without Water This Winter

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If you live somewhere where it gets really cold in the winter, and you like to wash your car yourself, you can keep your car looking great this winter without even using water! Here are a few cleaning tips to help you keep your car looking great through the winter.

You may want to park your vehicle inside of your garage for its waterless winter clean-up.

Use A Spray Detailer On The Outside

A spray detailer is a great way to clean your vehicle without getting it wet. You can pick up a spray detailer at your local auto store. You will need a mirofiber towel as well. You want to use a microfiber towel because it will not leave behind any lint.

You will want to work in small sections. For example, if you start with your hood, divide it up into four sections. Clean one section at a time. Flip the towel to different sides as you wipe away. Once a towel gets dirty, change it out. You may need four to six towels, depending on the size of the towels and the size of your vehicle, in order to get the job done. Better to use more towels than less. You do not want to scratch the paint on your car by using dirty towels.

You can also clean a section of your car every day, or the whole thing. If you are going to do the whole thing, make sure you set aside at least a half hour for this task.

Clean Your Windows

Cleaning your windows can make your whole vehicle look clean. You will need a bottle of glass cleaner and paper towels or microfiber towels. Just spray your windshield, and use the paper towels to wipe everything off. Cleaning the spray off in a circular motion helps prevent smudges.

In the winter when it is especially cold, it may be best to do this after you have been driving your car around and the windows are still warm. If you try to wash your windows when it is too cold, the cleaning formula will just freeze on your windshield.

Don't forget about your side mirrors. It is easy to forget about these important little guys. Keeping them clean will make your car look better and will help you see at night as well. Use the cloth or paper towel to wipe around the entire side mirror once you are done with the glass surface.

Wipe Off Your Wheels And Tires

Don't forget your wheels and tires. They can get covered in a lot of dirt during the winter months. Use an old rag to wipe away loose debris. Then, you can spray the wheels with either the detailer or the window wash in order to get them clean. Use a different set of towels on the wheels and tires than you use on the rest of the car. This is probably the dirtiest part of your vehicle.

Don't Forget The Inside

It is easy to forget about the inside of your car. If you really want your car to look great, spend a few minutes on the inside as well. Throw out any trash that is inside your vehicle.

If you don't feel like getting out the vacuum cleaner, just take out the floor mats and shake them off. Remember to the locks on the anchors that hold down the mat located on the driver's side. The rest should just pull out.

Finally, use either a clean mirofiber towel or a few car cleaning wipes to wipe down the areas that you touch the most inside of your car: door handles, steering wheel, cup holder, controllers.

Use the tips above to keep your car looking great even when you don't want to or it is too cold to turn on the water to clean your car with. These little cheats will keep your car looking great this winter. Talk to your local car experts, such as Henneken Auto Sales & Service Ltd, for more information.