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Pop That Dent Right Out Of Your Hood

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Car hoods can be surprisingly delicate. If you sit on your car hood, you can easily put a dent in it. No only can a dent in your car hood be unsightly, it can also lower the value of your car as well. However, just as easily as you created the dent by sitting on your car hood, you can remove the dent on your own or take it to a place like Coache Collision Ltd.

Clean Up Your Work Area

You will need to get a friend to help you with this project. If you work together, you should be able to complete the project in an evening. You will need to clear off your workbench or set up a table outside for this project. Lay a blanket over the workbench or table to protect the paint on the hood.

Remove The Hinges

With your friend, using a screwdriver, unscrew the hinges that attach your hood to your car. If you cannot find the hinges after a brief visual inspection, refer to your car's manual. Your manual will let you know where the hinges are located. After you remove the hinges, you and your friend will need to remove the hood and walk it over to the workspace that you set up. You will want to set the hood upside down.

Use The Rubber Hammer With Care To Remove Dents

Now, you need to get out a rubber hammer. Do not use a metal hammer; the rubber will not scratch your hood and has more of a caring give than a metal hammer. You will use the rubber hammer to tap out the dent in your hood.

Do not go to town hammering away. Hammering out dents in your hood is all about patience. Take your time, and use a firm and steady stroke to hit the dent out. The best approach is to be gentle and slowly work out the dents on the hood. If you use too much force, you will pop out the hood and have a new problem on your hands.

Use A Block Of Wood To Distribute The Force

If you have an area with a large dent, you can use another method to hammer out the dent. For this method, you will need a block of wood. A block of wood about 20'' x 10'' x 2'' or 3'' should do the job. You will want to place the block of wood on the area where the large dent is. Then, instead of hammering the dent directly, you will hit the block. Once again, gentle firm hits are better than fast hard hits. The block will spread out the pressure your hammer exerts on it over a larger area of your hood.

Keep using these two methods until the dents are smoothed out. Once the dents are smoothed out, you will need a friend to help you lift the hood and reattach the hinges. Make sure you line the hood up so it closes securely.