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When All Hail Breaks Loose: What To Know About Automobiles And Hail

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In addition to being painful and inconvenient, hail can be expensive. In a harsh hail storm, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in auto body repairs if your vehicle is not properly insured. As a responsible vehicle owner, you need to know what to do and expect after a hail storm, as well as what you can do before a hail storm hits.

Make Sure You Have Weather Damage Coverage

The very first step you need to take is to look at your automobile insurance. Make sure your provider offers coverage for weather damage. Naturally, you are not going to want to file an insurance claim every time a little hail falls – because the deductible could be more expensive than fixing the damage. However, the same deductible will be significantly cheaper than the overall auto body repair bill after a major hail storm.

What to do When Caught in a Hail Storm

Regardless of how important your destination is, pulling over and protecting your vehicle should be more important. If you are driving somewhere when hail starts to fall, you should pull over in an area that has covered parking. This could include parking under a bridge or into a parking garage.

In some cases, you may or may not be able to find covered parking. This is why you should always have a couple large blankets tucked away in your truck or back seat. Use these blankets to cover your vehicle. At the very least, you want the windows to be covered to minimize the damage the hail can cause.

What to do if You Could Not Prevent the Hail Damage

The very first thing you want to do is inspect your vehicle. You need to see how bad the damage is. If you just have a few dents and scratches in the body, you have nothing to worry about if you own the vehicle. If you are still making payments on the vehicle, or you are using it as collateral for a car title loan, you may be required to fix the damage because it hurts the overall value of the vehicle.

Outside of the overall value of the vehicle, small dents and scratches will not harm the vehicle's ability to perform. The problem is when the damage has cracked or broken a window. It is not safe (and in some places it is not even legal) to drive around with a broken window anywhere on your vehicle.

If you have comprehensive coverage auto insurance and serious hail damage, take it to an auto repair body shop like Perfection Paint Auto Body and see what they can do for you.