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Remove Auto Emblems Yourself To Cut Auto Body Repair Costs

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When doing body work on your car, there may come a time in which you need to remove the emblems that are glued or taped into place by the manufacture. Below, you will learn how to carefully and safely remove the emblems from your car.

Record the Placement

If you plan to put the emblems back onto your car, it is important that you record exactly where they are positioned prior to taking them off. To do this, use some masking tape and a marker. Use the body lines of your car to tape the area. For example: recording the emblem placement on the rear of the car, use the trunk lines to tape from the trunk to the base of the emblem. Mark the curve of the side of the trunk lid as a reference and then each side of the emblem piece.

Once you have marked the placement of the emblem, carefully remove the masking tape and stick it somewhere safe until you wish to replace the emblem. This will make it easy to replace the emblem when you choose to. Do it by sticking the marked masking tape back on the car using the placement lines that you have drawn on it. Then, place the emblem pieces back where they belong.

Remove the Emblem

To remove the emblem, you will need to heat up the adhesive that holds it in place. This can be done by parking the car in the sun for a while, or by carefully using a heat gun to heat the glue manually. If you choose to use the heat gun, be careful not to overheat the paint around the emblem and cause it to bubble.

Once heated, use a metal putty knife to gently slide under the bottom of the emblem. Use a gentle touch as you work to get the putty knife under the emblem so you do not gouge the paint or break the emblem. Take your time as you remove the emblem, because if you peel it away too fast, you could snap it or cause the other end of a long emblem to gouge the paint at the opposite end that you are working.

Remove the Adhesive

Removing the adhesive is fairly easy if you have the right tools. To easily remove the adhesive, you will need a drill and something called an "eraser wheel." The eraser wheel connects to the drill and can be used to quickly blast away the adhesive that is stuck to the paint on your car.

Doing little things to prepare your car for an auto body shop can help you reduce the cost of paint and repair work. If you are not comfortable completing this simple task, talk with your local auto body technician like one atBirchmount Collision Inc about assisting you with it.