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Three Quick And Temporary Fixes For Flat Tires

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Every driver knows how annoying it is to experience a flat tire on your vehicle. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times, too. This leaves you in a bind, but you can learn some quick, temporary fixes to get yourself back on the road long enough to get to a location to get your tire replaced.

Compressor Units

A compressor unit is connected to your vehicle's power to refill the tire with air. A sealant is used by the compressor to fix the hole so it doesn't leak after you have inflated the tire again. Some models will have a gauge that lets you know you have reached the correct pressure for your specific tire. Compressor units are small enough to carry in your vehicle without taking up all of your spare space.

Canned Sealants

There is a wide variety of tire sealants in aerosol cans. These products can be bought at nearly every retailer that carries automotive items. The sealant is sprayed on the hole of the tire and creates a temporary barrier to prevent air from leaking. The distance that you can travel after placing the sealant on the tire will vary by product, so you may want to purchase one that guarantees a greater distance than others, just in case.

Spare Tire

Many people choose to carry a spare tire in their vehicle. This is the most effective fix for a flat tire, since you don't have to worry about the sealant holding until you can get the tire replaced. The only con to this method is if you do not know how to change the spare tire, so it is a good idea to take a quick course in the basics of changing tires. You may be required to purchase tools necessary for completing this task, such as a jack and a lug wrench.


It must be noted that all of the methods mentioned here are strictly temporary. It is never a good idea to consider a sealant as a permanent fix. You may end up damaging the tire even more and what could have been a quick fix may end up costing you a lot more or result in a new tire. Even the spare tire should be driven on as little as possible and can be placed back into its storage place once you have a new tire installed on the vehicle. Contact a company like Accurate Tirecraft for more information.