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Car Tips: A Few Reasons Why Your Car Won't Start

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You expect your vehicle to start when you turn the key, but that may not always happen, which could be scary. The following guide will help prepare you for this situation and share a few possible causes.

Diagnosing The Issue

The following will not cover all the possibilities that may have caused your vehicle to not turn on, but it will go over some of the common reasons:


The first thing you should be concerned with is if the battery is causing your problem. The following are a few signs that it could be your battery:

  • Your car does not make a sound when you turn the ignition. 
  • There is a click when you turn the key over, but the engine won't start.


You might have a problem with a number of different types of interference, from spark plug electrical failure to fuel delivery, which could be due to your fuel filter. The following are a few signs of this problem:

  • The vehicle cranks over but dies right after.
  • The engine misses when you are idling.
  • Your car hesitates when it accelerates.

Sound Effects

The next thing that may be causing your vehicle to have trouble starting is your timing, cooling system, or the gasoline you are using, which have the following symptoms in common:

  • You might hear a knocking noise in your engine.
  • There could be ping sounds coming from your engine or near the bottom of your vehicle.

Consider having your vehicle towed, as most of these issues are best handled by a professional, although some towing specialists may be able to get your car started without having to be towed.

But there might be something you can do before calling your towing specialist, if the problem deals with your battery.

What Can You Do?

The following is something you can do to get your car started if you suspect a battery issue:

Battery Issues

You can try some of the following:

  • Have someone help you jumpstart the vehicle by connecting your bad battery to a good battery.
  • Check the cables to see if they are loose, and tighten them with a screwdriver should you find them loose. Just be sure that the screwdriver's handle is insulated or wooden.

Other problems may need to be taken care of by your auto care specialist, so do your best to call a towing service like Tip Top Towing Inc to help get your car to a safe location or to your mechanic.