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More Than A Few Fumes: Don't Delay Making Repairs To Your Vehicle's Exhaust System

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If your car sounds a little louder than usual, you might have something going on with your vehicle's exhaust system. While the growling-sound that a car with a poor muffler or faulty exhaust might sound a little cool driving down the road, the truth is there are serious repercussions to riding around in a vehicle with exhaust system issues.

Some reasons to promptly fix your car's exhaust are:

The fumes.

A faulty exhaust will subject you and anyone in your vehicle to dangerous fumes with the potential to make you quite sick. The fumes are carbon monoxide, and this gas causes headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Rolling-down the window doesn't protect you from the dangers of ingesting this deadly fume, and it is estimated that breathing in these fumes can kill a person in less than three minutes.  

The noise.

A tell-tale sign of an exhaust issue is typically the sound that your car makes. This noise makes your car seem louder, and is reason enough to receive a citation in many regions. This sound may get worse over time, becoming louder and more concerning.

The gas mileage.

When something is askew with your exhaust, you will suffer the consequences in term of fuel efficiency. Your vehicle won't have the gas mileage that it usually does, and you may find yourself at the gas pumps more often than usual which equates to more money spent on gas.

An emissions test.

If you live in a region that requires emissions testing, a faulty exhaust can keep you from passing. You must have a working exhaust system to pass this test, and the vehicle may be sidelined until it can be repaired and legally driven.

A bad exhaust can be more trouble than a little noise or some fumes. Keep the following things in mind when you think your vehicle's exhaust might need some work:

  • A problem with your exhaust will likely impact the overall performance of your vehicle. This may manifest in sputtering-sounds, loss of power, and possible stalling.
  • It is not unusual for the 'check-engine' light to come on when something is wrong with your exhaust system, and it will likely stay on until you have resolved the issue.
  • Listen for a high-pitched sound, like a whistle, coming from your car when it is running. This might be a sign of a blockage in the exhaust pipe and high-pressure building within.

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