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Meet Matte: Getting A Matte Vinyl Wrap Versus Matte Paint

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If you are looking for a flashy new ride, you know that you will need to head over to a body shop for good, detailed work performed on your car. If you are interested in making your car unique and still maintaining its professional look, you may be interested in getting a matte coating or paint job for your car. Matte cars are eye-catching because they don't reflect light the same way that glossy cars do. If you are considering getting a matte job done, you will have to choose between a vinyl wrap and matte paint. Here are some pros for each of these jobs. 

Wraps cost less

Vinyl wraps for cars tend to cost less than matte paint jobs. The matte wraps can be purchased from auto body shops during the work or they can be pre-purchased from auto stores. It being so easy to find vinyl wraps is why they tend to be so cost effective. Be aware that the cost will be determined by the amount of time and product that it takes to apply the wrap to your particular car. 

Matte paint will last 

Like any well-done, professional paint job, matte paint jobs that are applied directly the car will last. Unlike wraps, matte paint will take more time to be completed at the auto body shop, but the finish will be permanent. If you have a car that you do not plan on selling or trading in, going for the paint instead of the vinyl wrap will give your car a new look and new life on the exterior. 

Scratches are less likely with vinyl seal

Getting scratches on a new, professional paint job is a thing of nightmares. If you are concerned with scratches getting on your matte paint job, vinyl can set your mind at ease. You are less likely to get scratches on the nice matte vinyl applications. It will also not destroy the paint job underneath the vinyl, if a hard enough scratch goes through, and you can easily replace the vinyl on that section of the car.

Matte paint looks the most matte

Most matte paint jobs have a grainy feel, which is particular to matte itself. The paint job will look entirely matte with no shine, sheen, or metallic look. A vinyl wrap may look matte, but it will not have the slightly grainy consistency to the vehicle's exterior and it may have a more metallic look, rather than the flat look that a matte paint job provides. 

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